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We make our own ice cream on site, so that we can offer unusual, distinctive flavors. We produce the highest quality product, with fresh ingredients from local farms and suppliers. We produce hand crafted batches of our own "micro-brewed" specialty recipes, ones we hope you'll find a little more interesting and tasty than what one can find in other area shops.


We believe we're a little different than most other ice cream stores in the area. Our focus is on making the best ice cream that we possibly can, and running a store that's clean, friendly and involved in the community.


Our ice cream cakes are custom made with your choice of two of ice cream flavors and any one topping of your choosing between the layers.
Why is a Moolicious Farms Cake Better?
  • Our cakes are made with our delicious, homemade 16% butterfat, ultra-premium ice cream. The cakes you might find elsewhere are typically made with soft-serve ice cream, which is typically a 5 to 10% product, but can be as low as a 3.5% butterfat product! (If the box says "Frozen Dessert", rather than "Ice Cream Cake", beware -- that means they're selling you a cheap product that's less than 10% butterfat, and can't legally be called "Ice Cream"!)
  • We use the best name brand toppings between the two layers of ice cream.
  • Variety -- if you buy a supermarket cake, you can usually get it in any flavor you want -- as long as you want chocolate or vanilla! With a Moolicious Farm cake, you can customize it by choosing your flavors from any of those that we're currently making.
We do need a bit of time to put together custom cakes, so make sure to call the store to check if we can "build" your cake in time -- we ask for 4 DAYS notice. Fill in the form below for one of our basic ice cream cakes. Call 413-569-1700 if you need a custom cake!

Our cakes are fresh, Ultra Premium Home Made Ice Cream made to order at Moolicious Farm and are not peanut or tree nut safe.

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