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Pick a Party, Pick your Flavors and we'll be there to scoop Moolicious Ice Cream for you and your guests! We bring everything; Ice Cream, Toppings, Cups, Cones, Spoons, Napkins. Prices include Delivery, Setup, Service, and all necessary Products and Equipment. Contact us at

413-569-1700 to schedule!


Cup & Waffle Cone Party 
  • 4   Moolicious  Ice Cream Flavors of your choice.


  • One Hour of Scooper Service.


  • Rainbow & Chocolate Sprinkles are included.


  • We Bring It ALL – Cups, Cones, Spoons, Napkins.


55 - 300 servings: $6.00 per serving (**$330.00) + *Event Management Fee of $100 may apply.


Sundae Party
  • 4   Moolicious  Ice Cream Flavors of your choice.


  • One Hour of Scooper Service.


  • Full Sundae Bar including: Fudge, Caramel, Whipped Cream,                                      

  • Rainbow & Chocolate Sprinkles, Gummy Bears, Oreos®, & Mini M&M's®.


  • We Bring It ALL – Cups, Cones, Spoons, Napkins.


55 - 300 servings: $8.00 per serving (**$440.00) + *Event Management Fee of $100 may apply.


~ All of our customers will be provided with a confirmation outlining the expected costs for our services based upon the number of guaranteed minimum servings. The confirmation will be provided once we receive information regarding the number of guests, type of party, location, time, date, etc. The confirmation will include the exact cost for the guaranteed number of servings, Massachusetts State Meals Tax, and any other fees associated with your event.


~ It is important to verify the exact number of guests for which you wish to guarantee services. You will be charged for the guaranteed minimum servings or what you have contracted for.


~ Prices include Delivery (within our service area, 15 min drive), Setup, Service, and all necessary Products and Equipment.


~ Massachusetts  State Meals Tax is not included in the price(s) listed on this web site and will be added to your invoiced total.


~ There is a minimum charge for event. Our minimum number of servings for events is based upon 55 servings  or what you have contracted for.


~ Additional travel charges may apply if your event location is outside of our service area (15 min drive). Please contact us directly for more information.


~Service Information~


~ Our staff has uniforms that they wear specifically for each event.


~ We provide our own insurance, food handler permits, and health permits for each event.


~ We provide all napkins, spoons, cups, cones, etc. to serve at your event. We typically don't need anything in order to serve ice cream to your guests.


~We are prepared to handle most dietary requests. Please let your server know if you have any specific allergy concerns. We recommend that you do NOT choose any ice cream with nuts due to people having nut allergies and the risk of cross contamination and liability.


~ Please let us know if there will be anything that will make serving difficult i.e. location access, steep hills, stairs, extreme temperature conditions, rough terrain etc.


~ Set up time is not included in your service time. We normally arrive 30-45 minutes early to set up and then serve for one   hour (depending on the size of your event) unless otherwise specified.


~We do NOT leave un-served ice cream with you at the end of the event.


~ We do NOT have "All You Can Eat" events unless all of the ice cream is pre-purchased for your event. For planning purposes each bulk container contains 2.5 gallons of ice cream.


~ We typically bring enough ice cream to serve an additional 25% - 30% of the guaranteed number of servings requested.


~ Moolicious Farm draws a crowd. If we are in a public area, this can cause problems. We don't  know who the invited guests are versus who's just walking up trying to get "free" ice cream.  Please provide assistance if you plan to serve in a public area. Tickets work well for these situations. We will not withhold service to your guests unless instructed to do so. Additional servings may impact your invoice.


~ We need to know what YOUR policy is on serving seconds, extra scoops, and portions to go, etc. before the event. Extra scoops and second servings will count towards your minimum guaranteed number of servings and may impact your invoice. We will not withhold service to your guests unless instructed to do so.



Add Waffle Cones – $1.00 per serving.

Add One Additional Hour of Service – $75.

Add Two Flavors of Ice Cream – $50.

Add Two Additional Dry Toppings – $25.

Add Ice Cream Truck Service (55 guaranteed Minimum

Servings Required or what you have contracted for. ) – $100.


*Event Management Fee includes Administration and Insurance Expenses. Additional travel expenses may apply if outside 

our service area (15 min drive). **Prices DO NOT include Massachusetts State Meals Tax or Gratuity. If paying with Visa or Master Card there will be a 3% processing fee added. Please contact us for an EXACT quote.

All of the products that are made at Moolicious Farm are NOT allergen safe. Be sure to notify our staff of you or anyone in your party suffers from a food allergy. 


Phone 413-569-1700

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